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I loved her so much


Uncontrollable rage, he is seething with rage

How could she?

I love her so much, I give her everything,

Yet she seeks another

She says she didn’t, she said “you are wrong this time”

I don’t believe her, I CAN’T believe her.


He enters the house, sees the two used glasses on the table.

His anger reaches another level

I hate you so much, I give you everything

and yet you seek another


Sitting beside her motionless body

He weeps,

still aimlessly striking her with that hammer

I loved her so much…


Word prompt : Aimless

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Perfection – Daily Post

domestic violence


Each strand of hair and  the little curl in it’s place.

No smudged mascara

Everything perfect on her face.

She smiles, she laughs

Nothing seems out of place.


Handsome husband and two beautiful daughters

Everything seems so perfect from the outside world


Her smiles covers the bruises

Her laughs smudges the hurt

It’s far from perfect


But, she smiles and she laughs

Until that day


Family and friends gather

Unable to fathom, they make up stories about her

Well she smiled and she laughed, so she must have been okay

She is not around to defend her imperfect world


Yet they gather to give her the perfect funeral,

Her hair the way she likes, each strand the little curl in it’s place.

No smudged mascara, or blood stains on her face.

Her favorite Hymn at the beginning and the end

It was a funeral fit for a queen.


Perfection in an imperfect world.