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Remember it’s water not oil to calm the Burning Fire


Tree by tree the flame takes over

The shrub tries to reason, but scorched away.

Smallest little ember now spreading at a rate of thousand trees a day.

Despair and misery,

All a common scene every summers day.


Blame and anger fills the town

Is it Arson or it just the horror of nature

Is it back burning gone wrong or the “Greens” non action


As a nation we all pull together

We look for answers but never forget the suffering

Even the Koala gets a drink


As a nation we mourn together

It’s water not oil to calm the burning fire


My fellow Australians

Leave racism to the Yanks and the Brits

Remember it’s water not oil to calm the Burning Fire


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Opinion — By Irishnana

I met a woman a while ago who was questioning a newspaper headline. The headline read, “Cat Burglar Strikes Again.” Candidly she wondered why anyone would break into any place to steal cats (I swear – her exact words). Upon hearing this, one friend nearly choked to death on a wine cooler, two other of our […]

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Can I lick the wooden spoon?

cake bowl licking

It’s a right of passage, every mothers duty

To hand down that wooden spoon,

Down the generation it goes, life’s simplest of pleasures

A tradition, a culture followed from Canada to Calcutta


When do we grow up, wanting more?

When does, can I? become want and want becomes need?

When does need becomes more than I need?

A tradition, a culture spreading from North to the South


Life’s simplest of pleasures,

That’s all I want.


Daily post word : Pleasure