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Perfection – Daily Post

domestic violence


Each strand of hair and  the little curl in it’s place.

No smudged mascara

Everything perfect on her face.

She smiles, she laughs

Nothing seems out of place.


Handsome husband and two beautiful daughters

Everything seems so perfect from the outside world


Her smiles covers the bruises

Her laughs smudges the hurt

It’s far from perfect


But, she smiles and she laughs

Until that day


Family and friends gather

Unable to fathom, they make up stories about her

Well she smiled and she laughed, so she must have been okay

She is not around to defend her imperfect world


Yet they gather to give her the perfect funeral,

Her hair the way she likes, each strand the little curl in it’s place.

No smudged mascara, or blood stains on her face.

Her favorite Hymn at the beginning and the end

It was a funeral fit for a queen.


Perfection in an imperfect world.




















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City vs Country Life


Arj’s First Debate.  My youngest Arj was never short for words. He was in Year 3, his first ever debate was coming up. The topic was given out, at the beginning of the week.  “City vs Country Life” and Arj was for City.  This was all new for us.  Not sure if he was nervous, but I sure was.

Three on each side.  He is the last speaker.  I am going to be in trouble for embarrassing him, I was supposed to hold on till he turned 21, but hey I am the mother and I am allowed to.  He looked super cute, behind that desk.  His short legs barely touching the floor.  Cheeks brimming with a smile.  Best thing about that cheek is that brimming smile.

Arj was relentless.  He had an answer for everything,  No surprises there.  But it was when he said “city life is relaxing because in the city you have massage chairs”

City won.

Now, I have to pray that he doesn’t read the blog, else I will be moving to the country.

Today’s Word Prompt:  City



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Life in the Open Sea


Life on the Open waters, the great wide Ocean.  I am not talking about a short cruise.  I am talking about accompanying your husband for Four Long Years in a container Ship.

I had the great opportunity to sail as a Supernumerary  with my husband for nearly four years.  He was the Captain and was allowed to take his wife on board.

I was fascinated by the word Supernumerary.  I was just a number but just that I was a special super number.  Complimented and brought down to earth at the same time.  Things were pretty much the same at the mess table.  There was always a lot of friendly banter.  It was a lot of fun.  Felt like I was back at school, in the boarding.  I soon realised the friendships we were making here was going to be the same.  It was going to be a lifelong affair.

We were heading to the Middle East. Word spread that it was my 21st.  My birthday was celebrated just after we left Aqaba, Jordan.  What a unique way to celebrate one’s 21st.  The chef had made a lovely cake, so just after dinner everyone gathered in the bar, cutting the cake, then followed by a lot of drinking, dancing and singing.  Not the way I imagined my 21st to be.  I wasn’t planning on being married by 21, let alone being married to a sailor and celebrating my 21st on a ship.  This goes to show that you can’t always plan everything in life.  I have no complains about the way my life has turned out, even though it was not what I had planned.

Sea and sea life teaches us the biggest metaphor, “Go with the flow”, yes sometimes, things don’t go the way you plan, but you ride the waves as it comes.  You still plan and get prepared for the next big wave, but when you get hit by that unexpected Seismic Wave, you are still prepared to ride that wave.

Until this trip I really had no idea that I would fall in love with the sea the way I did.  I come from the hills of Sri Lanka.  We have no sea, just rivers and waterfalls, even then it was no big deal for a Water view. So I never gave that much thought to this mass abundance of open water – The Sea.  Until I set sail with hubby.  There was nothing but the vast open sea, day after day.  There was something serene and pure about this setting.  I came to love this journey.  This was my life, my home, my family, for the next four years, till we migrated to Australia.

This was written for the Today’s word Prompt – Open

This is also a part of another Story that I have written for the book “CSC Years” – Ceylon Shipping Corporation


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Why can’t she be more Understanding

After all it’s Friday night.  Just Once a week, that’s all I ask.

A night out with the boys. Watch some footy and down a few beers.  Nothing wrong with that, is it?

Two kids under two, another one on the way, a man needs at least a day, to have some peace and quiet.

Friday and maybe sometimes Saturdays are the only days, I ask to go out with the mates.

Nothing wrong with that, is it? Why can’t she be more understanding?

All I ask of her on a Sunday, is to keep the kids at bay, aw!! @@# k this hangover will not go away

Nothing wrong with that is it? Why can’t she be more understanding?

Every time I ask for ten bucks for the horses she would scream at me “Timmy needs glasses” just ten bucks, thats all I ask.

Ten bucks!! Nothing wrong with that is it?  Why can’t she be more understanding?

I don’t think she knows how good she’s got.  All I ask is for her to be bit more understanding.



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Mountains of Ipoh

20131208_091638Today’s daily word prompt Mountain

My brain got into gear, Mountains…  Am I in the mood to muse metaphorically or should I tap into my love for the nature.

Nature.  Many mountains made an appearance in my thought.  At the end Ipoh got the vote.

My nephew was getting married and the bride’s family was from a town called Ipoh in Malaysia.  First time I’ve heard of Ipoh. Ipoh didnt suffer for my ignorance. It is just a fact that I didn’t know Ipoh and Ipoh didn’t know me.

What would we do without Google Maps and TripAdvisor.  Well for starters , Columbus would have had better luck finding India.  Anyway getting back to finding Ipoh, found out that it was a good 205 Km’s from KL and 156 Km’s from Penang.  We decided to fly to Penang and hire a car and drive to Ipoh ourselves. For those who are thinking what a great idea, just reverse, keep going and  now, park that car back in the driveway and walk away, just walk way.

Just passed the bikes coming on the wrong side of the road, some chocks,  a dog, I think that’s a cow, phew we have made it to the Freeway, should be easy now, Nope there is a young guy driving like a lunatic, wait he is the Police.


Chaos became rather norm after awhile.  Not that we will think of driving again in Malaysia, but glad we did it (at least once).  Such a beautiful country side.  Gave us the opportunity to take it all in at our own pace. We get to the Penang/Ipoh bridge, I am looking for another word for breathtaking, clear blue water on both sides, gently ebbing and mountains on the horizon, clouds just caressing on the top.  We all went “Wow” at the same time and then just silence.


None of these photos do justice to the image in my memory.  The mountains you see in the distance, as you near them, it becomes evident that they are of a dome shape, big, ugly and dominant.  You feel the presence on both sides.  Light rain, it was still beautiful.

Unusual place to admire a mountain.  But I guess that is the beauty of nature, when you are preparing for beach and mangoes, there pops a mountain.

Written in response to daily word prompt


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Fifty and I know it…


Fifty and a day old.  Don’t feel any different.  But there has been a gradual transformation. Embryo to Fifty !! Pretty good effort on my part.  Mum had five miscarriages.  I said none of that, I am COMING, here I am ready or not.  Well not exactly those words.  But that’s what I did.  Born a survivor, I am still here kicking and screaming,  time to time, I had to keep reminding the man up there about it. (it could be man or woman,  I have no issues with either sex as the god).

Embryo to Now, pretty big transformation.  Body. Mind and Soul.  Caterpillar, cocoon to a butterfly. (I think, I got a bit ahead of my self there.  So I may not exactly be a butterfly more like a moth).

The core of me is still there, but the mind has gathered more thoughts, freedom, compassion, empathy along the way.  Transformation has been slow, but it has happened.

No Regrets.

written in response to today’s daily word prompt



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How Embarrassing



(Today’s daily word Prompt – Embarrassing)

Nope.. Nothing,

Mmm  that is pretty embarrassing

Started with gusto, but total blank

Keep going to back to the tv series Embarrassing bodies and trying get that out of my head

Woman with the big boobs, Nope not going there, If I have nothing good to say, shouldn’t say anything,

Ok then, nothing it is



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Storm or a Flood

Northern Tasmania Faces Severe Flooding As Storm Weather Hits
DEVONPORT, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 06: Volunteers in kayaks help rescue the surviving cows and bulls which were washed downstream when the Mersey River flooded on June 6, 2016 in Devonport, Australia. A flood watch is in place for all Tasmanian river basins after parts of the state received rainfall in excess of 200 millimetres. (Photo by Heath Holden/Getty Images)

It rained and rained, the wind picked up, and more rain.  Rivers filled up and the sea arose, Bridges overflowed and roads disappeared.   It was the great storm.  Now the houses are flooded and the farms too.

Storm ———> Flood

Ring, ring

Hello ( Male Voice with an Indonesian accent)

Hello (Female Aussie accent)

Is that you Rhonda!!

Yes Ketut, I am on top of the roof

Is it the sunrise?

No Ketut, it’s the floods

Sorry Rhonda we dont cover floods only storm

Click!! ( should not really be a click, not hang up sound should be a dis-connected sound not sure how that goes, more like Gnnnnn…… )


My non Aussie readers would not really get what I am getting at.  Terrible floods everywhere in Australia at present.  Tassie is being hit very badly.  Many have lost everything.  But as usual the Insurance companies would squirm out of paying.  Apperenty they will pay if its a storm but not if it is classified as a flood.  Rhonda and Ketut are Characters from a popular Insurance company Ad that most Aussies know about.

there is a series of these ads just giving you one of them, for a taste

Today’s word prompt – Connected